The Toughest Little Kid In Glenburn

When you were little, did you ever play the Give Game? In this game you had to wrestle around and try to cause each other so much pain or discomfort that you got the other person to say “give”. This game vaulted my standings with the kids in my neighborhood.

I was always too stubborn to give in when I was a kid. One time when playing the Give Game someone had their arm around my neck restricting the flow of blood to my head. Would I give in? Nope. My cousin had to pull the other guy off me. My cousin though I was “the toughest little kid in Glenburn” because I could take a beating and not complain. Not that I was in any fights, mind you, but between this stupid Give Game and everyday adventures that kids live through I had made an impression in his eye.

I remember another time I was sitting 5-6 feet up in the air on the second story of a wooden fort made in the forest. Someone else was, for the fun of it, banging on a support beam, slowly working the nail out from the supporting tree (kids are real observant). When the beam finally gave way, I ended up on the ground in a pile of stout branches that previously formed the second story. Everyone was convinced that I must be hurt but I stood up fine with not even a tear.

Yup, you could throw me around, tumble me about and knock me down (if you could catch me) as much as you wanted, but I took it all with hardly a complaint. The more I think about it, I would have made a great young Bruce Banner.

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