Am I Really This Boring?

Yes and no.

I would say that I probably am always this boring, and am probably only the slightest bit interesting or entertaining or funny in my own mind.

As far as going a couple days without posting, though, I would say “no”. I’m still doing other things, but my creative juices are being squeezed outside of The Monkey Exhibit instead of into it. I did make a change, however, in my banner graphic. That goes to show I’m not completely ignoring the site.

Last night I had two conversations that will end up as posts in the next couple days. One was with a random elderly lady in the parking lot at work and the other was with a friend that I have spoken with in a couple of years. Both were good conversations in their own right and interesting enough to write about (in my mind at least). It’s a good thing, too, because in order to stop and listen to the elderly lady who just wanted to talk to me I had to be late getting home thereby making my wife upset and my dinner cold. I also arrived home too late to make it to church within a reasonable degree of lateness. This is the only reason I was home when my friend called.

This is the perfect setting for me to wrap up with a Steven Wright quote.

Until later,

“God works in mysterious ways…you would, too, if you had no boss.”
–Steven Wright

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