Lots of Updates

Supposedly this is not my diary, however I seem to be using the What’s Up? category a lot lately. What’s up with that? For those of you getting bored with my mundane life, I do have a humorous post planned…on paper. I haven’t started typing it out yet or storing pictures for it. It is about the similarities between the human dating process and the cow mating process (I knew my degree would come in handy someday). Stay tuned!

(That is what they call a “teaser”.)

Yesterday I lost valuable email time at work as I trained someone else at my desk. I don’t really like training that much; I’d rather let someone else train and I can just answer the occasional question. I think that’s more fun. However, it is best for the position’s supervisor to do the training, you know, to make sure they are trained correctly.

Tonight we have the night off from our cleaning job and we’re going out to dinner. It is strange to actually have a Friday night off like normal people do. If you see an awkward couple in a restaurant tonight, be sure to come say hi.

Tomorrow morning we head out to New Hampshire to spend some time with my biological father. I never seen him very much and have been planning to go down all summer, but never made it yet. I guess I chose the perfect time because by the end of the month he is moving to New York. That’s quite a drive for just a weekend. I probably wouldn’t do it. Who knows? We’ll see.

So, after tonight I shall be off! You’ll have to spend yet another lonely weekend without new posts on my site. I’d feel sorry for you, however there are plenty of old posts that no one has ever commented on (except spammers…). You have enough to keep you busy until I return.


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4 Responses to Lots of Updates

  1. heather says:

    If we were going out tonight, we would be there with you in spirit.

    But me thinks we’re staying in tonight.

  2. Roger says:

    We can still bring your spirit!

  3. If I may be so bold, I would a request a new piece on the adventures of Roger’s 4 (aka Roger and the Monkeys 3)

  4. Roger says:

    Feel free to be as bold as a Coward is able!

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