State of Mainers

On Wednesday night while leaving work, I was stopped by a somewhat elderly lady who wanted to talk to someone who would listen. Some might call elderly people like this “crazy”, but I don’t believe for a second that this woman was lacking in mental faculties. She just found someone who would respond to her in the parking lot instead of ignore her and keep on. She talked to me of farm animals, Norwegian Elkhounds and, at the point of my post, the State of Maine.

It seems that our state’s name is not just Maine, but is in fact the longer State of Maine. You see, when gaining independence from Massachusetts for their overbearing, taxation-without-representation, dictatorial ways*, Maine wanted to be sure that everyone knew we were our own state. Therefore the proper name of our state: the State of Maine. I think that we might want to return to that title these days for those in the USA who don’t realize that Maine is a state and not part of Canada, but I digress. Since our state’s name is State of Maine, then we are State of Mainers as opposed to just Mainers.

This lady noted the fact that State of Mainers (or Mainiacs, she also takes credit for starting that nickname) have their own sense of humor. How true, I found this as she continued on. She went on to explain that when you want to know something from a Mainer, you have to make sure to ask more than one question. Here’s her example:

“Two men leading their horses in opposite directions met on the road. The one man asked, ‘Zeke, what did you give your horse for worms?’ [that is, to treat internal parasites]
‘Turpentine,’ Zeke replies.
A week later the two pass each other on the road again. ‘Zeke, what did you say you gave your horse for worms?’
‘Turpentine,’ Zeke says again.
‘I gave mine turpentine and he died!’ says the first man.
‘So did mine,’ replies Zeke.”

See, Zeke answered the exact question that the other man asked. In the way it was phrased, Zeke gave a direct answer. I find that I do that. I will purposely answer what someone actually asks, not what someone meant to ask. I guess I’m a good Mainiac.

She kept me out for a while longer until I begged to be let go because it was getting really cold out. I ended up being late home, and being around for Kris’ call.

There’s my story about last week.

*I really have no idea why Maine separated from Mass. Though I’m glad we did. I can make it sound just like the Revolutionary War, though, ‘cause it’s more fun that way.

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  1. Monkey says:

    Well! I don’t know what to say. I’m pleased and surprised to find another Monkey from Maine… excuse me, “The State of Maine”. I just wrote about the vexing “Isn’t Maine part of Canada” question the other day. The woman you spoke with sounded charming.

    Dogpile directed me to your site. I look forward to reading more.

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