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Today was an odd work day for me. I arrived at work early so I could be seen in Walk-In Care for my left eye which has been driving me crazy since Sunday morning. It itches and allergy drops don’t help. When I wake up, my eye is all crusted together, etc, etc. I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and a corneal abrasion, though the NP told me she didn’t see an abrasion when she used a dye to check for one.

I was stupid enough to wear my contacts to the visit and not even bring my glasses, let alone something to put my contact in while she checked my eye. So, the contact lens from the left eye went in the trash and I had to drive home and get my glasses with one contact in and one out. That is not fun. It really hurts my depth-perception.

When I arrived at work, a bunch of supplies I had ordered were there so I spent time putting that stuff away and taking care of paperwork I had to do. I had staff meetings in the next town over starting at 2, so I was out of the office at 1:30 after having come in at 10:30.

Staff meetings were over by 4:30 and I came home to mow the lawn! Now I’m all sweaty and waiting to cool down so I can take a shower.

In much better news, today is apparently magazine day. My wife’s Better Homes & Gardens came in while two of my comics came in, including Gravyboy #2!

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  1. brian says:

    comics are cool.

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