My department finally opened this week and I’m working the hours to show it. We’re open from 8 AM to 8 PM so those were the hours I worked on Monday. I wanted to be there when it opened and work through until close so I knew what my closing staff would be doing after I leave (normally 6 PM).

I went in a little later yesterday to make up for working extra on Monday, but I have to work Saturday so I’ll still be on the positive side for overtime this week (= $$$!). I may have to work Sunday, too, which would give me more overtime for next week. I don’t want to work Sundays as a rule, but I did take the position knowing I might have to work any of the seven days of the week (or all of them if it is like this week).

My staffing gets better after this weekend. New hires will be trained and thing will be hunky-dory (is that how you spell that phrase?), at least one can hope.

On top of all my hours at work, I picked up some extra cleaning time at our second job (which we only usually do on Friday nights). So, here’s my week:

Monday 8-8 (1.5 hour lunch)
Tuesday 10:30-6 PM
Wednesdsay 9:30-6 PM, church, 9-11 PM cleaning
Thursday 9:30-6 PM, 7-9 PM cleaning
Friday 9:30-6 PM, 8-12 Midnight cleaning
Saturday 8-4:30 PM
Sunday ??8-4:30 PM
Next M-F back to normal, 9:30-6 PM

See you on the other side (and maybe here and there in between)!

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  1. Andy Slaughter says:

    Whew! Busy week, huh? Hope things settle down soon, and you can get some rest.

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