I have two active countdowns.

The first is a countdown to Friday. I have Friday off from work because I’m going on a white water rafting trip with men from my church. On Friday afternoon we leave from the church, pick up a quick dinner, and have a time of devotion and prayer. On Saturday morning we raft for 4-41/2 hours with the turbines open behind us. I have never gone rafting before. This promises to be a blast. I don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to go rafting in Maine in September, but after warming back up I’ll be sure I thought it was fun. I’m also not sure that going rafting right before a big vacation was a good idea either, but I think I have plenty of time to heal should nothing but bumps and bruises occur.

The second countdown is to vacation. We are going to North Carolina for food, folks and fun. The “food” part I just made up to go with the slogan. The “folks” part are NC RMFO and GravyBoard folk. This is sure to be one of the most fun things on the trip. Meeting people who I contact daily and truly consider friends (as much as you can for someone you have never met). The “fun” is hanging out with the “folks”, spending the day at amusement parts (Paramount Carowinds, Busche Gardens), and touring the mid-south. We will be staying around Jamestown for the second part of our trip and are sure to check out the local history.

Vacation begins on October 5th with lots and lots of driving.

Countdown 1: 4 days
Countdown 2: 16 days

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2 Responses to Countdowns

  1. Mom says:

    You will have a great time. You are right about the lots of driving though. I went to Fort Bragg which is the southern tip (East) of NC. We left at around 6 pm and arrived around 11 am next day. I was wiped out for rest of that day and did not look forward to the ride home at the end of the week. Never heard of the people you are going to visit but amusement parks are awesome! I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow and will be riding all the big roller coasters as well as visiting many hotels which are all theme based I’m told with lots of visual stimulation that is free! I’m seeing Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’ (the water version) and going to Freemont Street (the old section of Las Vegas ie the original which has incredible shows (free) I’m told). I’m also hinking of touring the Hoover Dam but that is not definate yet. Will be gone one week. Oh and I’m going to a conferance on pharmacolgy for 2 days which means this is eduacation so.. My Boss is paying for my trip, hotel and food!!! You can’t get better than that! Am going with 2 other nurse practioner friends so it should be a blast! By the way, Happy Anniversary. How many years is it now?

  2. Roger says:

    On October 7th it will be 5 years!

    You will have fun, but not as much fun as you could have had if I were going with you. 😉

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