Making the US A Better Place

I’ve had this idea brewing around in my head for quite a while. You know all the people who complain about this country? Not just the ones who complain, but don’t do anything about it…heck, I’m in that category. All I do to try to fix things is to vote. From what I see, by the time referendums make it to the voting booth, all the good solutions to a problem are no longer part of the list of options to vote for. Even when I vote and things don’t go my way, I still don’t desire to move out of the country. (Reign in tangent…get back on track.) Instead I’m talking about the people who constantly complain and honestly voice a desire to live in a different country.

Here’s my solution: we send them to a different country. Revolutionary, huh?

It is my suggestion that anyone who really and truly wants to leave this country for good should be given a one-way plane (or boat, if they prefer) ticket to the country of their choice. This ticket would be paid for by the good old Federal Government and would end up, in the long run, saving many tax dollars and headaches for those of us left behind. (I’m hoping this would be the end result, because I’d really like to see these people get their wish.) I really have a very small sample size, but from what I’ve seen the biggest complainers are also the biggest draw of resources from the government.

Obviously this solution needs some fine tuning. After a while, people would realize that the country they moved to really isn’t any better off than the US and they would be on the first plane back. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

The people can’t come back. They are all put on a list and they are not allowed permanently back into the country. I just now added permanently because I thought I’d be nice and let them come back for funerals or family reunions…you know, one day to a week then they’re off again. And they are the ones footing the bill for these travel expenses. Once they are gone they can never again be US citizens. If the country they wanted to go to doesn’t want them, well, they should have done a little research on that subject before they left. The US welcomed them openly when they were born here, but these people didn’t want the US. The relationship really was doomed to failure.

If the place they move to really is better than the US, well they can come/call/email and tell all of their friends to let them know. Then any other expatriate wanna-bees can head out as well. Soon our country would be full of people who actually want to live here. I think that would be a good start on improving things.

Oh, and while I’m trying to improve things…how about a Popeyes in Bangor?

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