Waiting for the Bus

Growing up I lived on a subdivision. All of the kids that lived on the road, as well as kids that lived in neighboring houses, would wait for the bus together every morning. At one point someone brought a football to the bus stop and suddenly all our mornings changed. We would toss around the ball until enough people arrived, and then we would play touch football every morning while waiting for the bus. It got to the point where we’d even arrive super-early to the bus stop so that we could get in some good playing time.

I was always one of the “fast little kids” who could run forever. There were two of us and we would be set on opposite teams every morning. We could both catch and run, so it was quite a challenge. I thought the fun mornings were the ones where the other fast kid didn’t show up.

This helped cultivate my love for football. Watching football is great, but nothing beats playing.

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