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Strike Update 1

The computer strike is doing wonders for my reading list. I’m on my second book since Friday. Oh, the house is looking better, too.

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Computer Strike

I am voluntarily striking from using my computer for fun until I finish the work that needs to be done around my house. I’m quite the slacker when I’d rather surf the net. Later.

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Popeye’s, Greensboro, and O’Charley’s

A quick Thank You to Andy and Cousin Dave for breathing some life into The Monkey Exhibit. I wither without comments, like a plant without water. Thursday, October 6th started off midmorning as we left Delaware. We drove until we … Continue reading

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Get A Life

An original comic

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The Rain

Today is the first day that is hasn’t rained on me since the 5th of the month. It rained every day of my vacation for at least a few minutes every day. I drove through wacky, large cities in the … Continue reading

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Me and You and a Dog named…Felipe?

Vacation started off at 9 AM Wednesday, October 5th after a few last-minute stops. We had to drop off a wedding RSVP, pick up a prescription and get breakfast. Then we rushed to the interstate and flew down the highway … Continue reading

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Yes, I Am Back

Yes, it rained every day we were on vacation. Yes, we had a blast anyway. I fully intend to post all about it, maybe a day at a time. Hopefully starting tomorrow. My only regrets are that I didn’t get … Continue reading

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I am in charge!

WOOHOO! Roger is gone and he left me in charge. Please make all checks payable to Eric Burdo. 🙂 Actually, I am just the anti-spam dude… so any spammers out there? Bring it on! My delete button is getting bored! … Continue reading

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It’s My Only Hope

I heard something at work a couple of weeks ago that disturbed me a little bit (and, yes, I’m just now writing about it…I’m a slacker). There was friendly banter going back and forth between a coworker of mine and … Continue reading

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