It’s My Only Hope

I heard something at work a couple of weeks ago that disturbed me a little bit (and, yes, I’m just now writing about it…I’m a slacker). There was friendly banter going back and forth between a coworker of mine and a security guard for the building we work in. Let me preface the remark by saying that all three people who work in my area during the day consider themselves “good, Christian folk”.

The security guard walks by and my coworker asks, “How are things going?” The guard replies, “Could be worse.” My coworker says, “That’s right. We could be pushing up the daisies.”

That is the quote that stopped me, a Christian saying that “It could be worse, I could be dead.”

Now, I’m not the great example to all of how a Christian should live. I have to throw that out here in case this comes out wrong. However, I believe that all Christians should be looking forward to the end of this life as they yearn for eternity in heaven.

I am almost finished with a non-fiction Ted Dekker book. Ted is an author who has written many great fiction novels. He writes stories that will have you yearning for heaven, imagining the joy set before you in eternity. This book, “The Slumber of Christianity” talks about this exact hope that I’m writing about.

Look, Christian, in heaven you won’t have any worries. How can you be worried when you are face to face with Jesus? If you are afraid to die, if you think being dead would be a condition worse than the one you are in now, then you don’t have a proper focus on your eternal destiny. For you, Christian, to live is Christ, but to die is gain! What is waiting for you on the other side is so much better than this teasing foretaste that you’ll have to have a new body just to be able to withstand it. Living another day here on this earth only means you have to spend one more day outside of heaven. Do you believe that “better is one day in [His] house than thousands elsewhere”? Then why are you not yearning for the day when you will be at His side eternally?

I am certainly not one to deny the pleasures, the joy of living on this earth. But when I hear a Christian say they would rather be here than dead, then I feel the need to stop and check my own priorities. What am I holding on to that keeps my heart from desiring heaven first and foremost? I pray that nothing comes between me and my desire for the day when I meet Him face to face.

I have a wonderful vacation slated to begin tomorrow. I’ll be traveling with my wife, the person I am infatuated with most on this earth. I enjoy every moment with her and for me every moment is as special as the first one was (if you don’t believe me, then ask her). I’m traveling to see people that I have become good friends with, in my opinion, people whose camaraderie I enjoy. We’re planning on having a blast at amusement parks and historical sites (God willing, though I see rain in the forecast). We’re going to take a lot of pictures and relive this vacation a hundred times over. However, if I were to die this moment then I would not regret for one instant leaving this earth. All the plans I had, all the love I have for my wife, these things are nothing compared to the plans and the love that Jesus has for me.

If you took the time to read this entire post, which I hope you did, they I pray that you would take a moment and check your priorities in life. I can’t tell you what or how to do it; I usually can’t say anything even this coherent on the subject of religion. But, I pray that your focus is aligned to where it should be and you are looking forward, with great anticipation, to the day when you will join your savior in eternity.

God Bless.

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  1. Andy Slaughter says:

    Hey buddy,

    Hadn’t written in awhile. As always, I enjoy reading your thoughts and meditations.
    I guess i was particularly interested in this, because I’m struggling a bit with God right now. For personal reasons, I’m having a difficult time reconciling my conflicting feelings on the nature of God. We’ll have to swap war stories at some point in the future. Until then, here’s wishing you a great vacation!

    See you at RogerCon!

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