Me and You and a Dog named…Felipe?

Vacation started off at 9 AM Wednesday, October 5th after a few last-minute stops. We had to drop off a wedding RSVP, pick up a prescription and get breakfast. Then we rushed to the interstate and flew down the highway to get to Massachusetts because we had a lunch date with Josh Reilly (his name seems to attract browsers…).

Getting to Josh’s workplace was rather easy since he was nice enough to give me great directions. It took a bit longer than we expected, so Josh was a little late getting to lunch. That didn’t seem to be a big deal since he was going home to his sick wife afterward.

What was a big deal was the company that Sir Josh (as I affectionately labeled him) works for. The building is huge and with a somewhat lavish interior. My wife had to sign the guest log in order to go down the hall to the bathroom. I had to sign the guest log just to wait by the secretary’s desk for Josh. I expected to see men in suits and earpieces waiting for me to leave the area so they could hunt me down, tackle me, and put a gun to my temple while asking me what country I worked for.

At Uno’s our waiter was one Filipe. We know this because he wrote it on a napkin and left it on our table. That was the only time during our entire vacation that I experienced something like that. After he left us this name badge, we had something interesting to talk about during lunch…besides Kathleen, the new Who Stands? CD I bought from him, and the bone barn.

I rather liked lunch with Josh. He thought my voice was less deep than he expected while I thought he was taller and his voice was deeper than I expected. I told him I would have come down for his CD release show, but didn’t know about it. He invited me to a show the band will be doing in a couple of months (that will be December…Kathleen will be 8 months pregnant…that should be quite the show) in New Hampshire instead, so I’ll be looking forward to that. He told me that he didn’t do autographs for friends, and I didn’t get him to autograph the CD…I think of that as a good sign. 😀

After lunch, Josh was kind enough to pose in a picture with me, the Uno’s sign, and Filipe’s signature napkin.

Roger and Josh

The rest of the day was spent driving. We made Delaware around 8 PM, had supper at Applebees right next to the hotel, and enjoyed the first night of our vacation away from home.

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