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The Dryer

Honestly, does anyone ever “tumble dry low”? Or even “medium”? My dryer is always set to the timed “high heat”. Whenever I use any other setting, the clothes don’t dry all the way.

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Rich Young Roger

(In which I write a very long post, knowing full well that the likelihood of someone reading all of a post is inversely proportional to its length yet I do so anyway and hope against hope for comments.) I’ve been … Continue reading

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Holiday Diet

(A version of this was forwarded to me last holiday season, but too late for me to post it. Here’s my version.) 1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Holidays

(This is a comment I left on Heather’s site in response to something she posted) To me, the holidays begin on my birthday. On that day joy and merriment abound and the season begins. From my birthday until New Years, … Continue reading

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The Big Day

Tomorrow is it. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. I will join the ranks of the elderly. I will apply for social security. (I thought we were a democratic nation???) Tomorrow the rest of my teeth will fall out and I … Continue reading

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What Do You Want For Christmas?

I really want to know. From all of you. Not silly answers, but honest answers. If you are family, or I drew your name for Secret Santa, then your answer will serve dual purpose. Let the responses begin!

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CD Length

Shall I ease back into posting? Ten songs is too few. Every CD should have at least 12, or (better yet) 60+ min. worth of music.

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