Celebrating the Holidays

(This is a comment I left on Heather’s site in response to something she posted)

To me, the holidays begin on my birthday. On that day joy and merriment abound and the season begins. From my birthday until New Years, I go to work, but work is what you do just to pass time until the next celebration; work isn’t the focus or the priority as during other months.

My birthday usually goes on for a few days, then we prep for Thanksgiving. Krissy cooks and I do dishes and help out in other ways (I actually need to run to the store when I’m done typing this to get sugar and flour). We celebrate Thanksgiving in at least 2 different houses on Thursday, sometimes three. Sometimes one on the day after. This year there will be no shopping (thank God) but we will have to work.

After Thanksgiving we again work to pass the time until the next Christmas party comes up, whether it be an office party or a party with our close friends. We go shopping in an outlet town one weekend before Christmas with Krissy’s dad, then spread the love between our two families on Christmas day.

See, the holiday season begins on my birthday, but I make sure each holiday gets it’s due. I’ve even dubbed bagpipes as Thanksgiving music so there is something specific to play until Christmas music is allowed (the day after Thanksgiving).

I think one key to keeping Christmas from starting too early is to ditch the television once the season approaches (if you don’t want to ditch it for good sooner than that). How much Christmas do you get just from TV? I don’t have one and I haven’t been bombarded with Christmas from anywhere yet.

The moral of the story? Don’t disrespect Thanksgiving by starting Christmas before Thanksgiving is over.

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