The Big Day

Tomorrow is it. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. I will join the ranks of the elderly. I will apply for social security. (I thought we were a democratic nation???) Tomorrow the rest of my teeth will fall out and I will enter the denture stage of my life. I hear it’s not so bad.

If anyone wants to overnight me a present, feel free. A wise person would check with my wife first so as not to duplicate gifts. For your viewing pleasure (and maybe amusement) I post my birthday/Christmas wish list (we’ll get back to your wish lists after my birthday):

4 New Windows, 2 Bedroom and 2 Office, Dual Pane, Low-e, with storm windows
New front storm door
Insulation for garage
Plywood sheets to cover insulation in garage (ceiling 1st, then walls)
Snow blower

Showdown—Ted Dekker (December 2005?)
House—Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti (April 2006)
Shadow of Kiriath—Karen Hancock
The Final Crumpet—Ron and Janet Benrey
Dark Things—David M Humphrey Sr
(It is here that I realize I left at work the list of Sherman’s Lagoon books that I want. They are desired more than the below comic books.)
Garfield Fat Cat (3 packs) 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13+
Dilbert 5, 10, 16, 17, 19+

Chris Rice—Amusing
Mark Shultz Live—A Night of Stories and Songs
By the Tree—Any
Paul Coleman Trio/Paul Coleman (any of them)
Third Day—Wire, Wherever You Are
Shaun Groves—White Flag
Phillips, Craig and Dean–Let the Worshipers Arise, Where Strength Begins, Trust
Watermark—Watermark, Constant
Audio Adrenaline–Lift, Worldwide, Until My Heart Caves In
The Normals–Coming to Life, A Place Where You Belong
WOW Worship—Red (2004)
City On a Hill—The Gathering

Urban Legends

Stone Critters
Gift Certificate to “Knead a Break” massage

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7 Responses to The Big Day

  1. julie says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Consider yourself lucky, from this day on you can attribute anything stupid you do to your age, which I’ve heard can come in handy somtimes. God bless. ~Julie

  2. hehheh … you said snow blower … “Hey Lazer Lips!!! Your mother was a snow blower!”

    Happy Birthday … OLD GUY!!

    I see you do not have the game “Munchkin” in your list. ‘Tis a shame…

  3. Roger says:

    Will do! Thanks, Julie!

  4. cousin dave says:

    Sorry I could not attend. I was sent to train people in Brockton, Mass…. Good ol corporate America!

  5. Roger says:

    It’s OK, Dave. I have a way you can MORE than make it up to me. Check your email.

  6. Roger says:

    Sorry, Spencer, that game really doesn’t look fun. Luckily, I assume you were joking. 😉

  7. No, seriously, it is fun … it exists to make fun of all those magic/d&d-esque card games out there. much hilarity ensues.

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