And We’re Back!

Sorry for the little domain expiration. I’ll try to make sure that never happens again!

Yesterday I had my two wisdom teeth out. It wasn’t quite as bad as I expected. I think the worst thing must have been having to keep the guaze in my mouth until the bleeding stopped. I hated that guaze in my mouth.

It’s gone now, and the pain meds are out of my system and I’m not even sore! I’m not sure I’ll be able to say that after I eat, brush and rinse, though. I’ll probably be hopped up on pain meds again in a couple of hours.

Until then!

PS: I have yet another idea for the site here. You know, since I don’t keep up on all the others I have, I thought I’d try something new. It should be easy while I have the time off, but once things get going again I’ll probably start slacking off again…anyway, start looking for a monkey related Get Fuzzy at the end of my posts! Here’s to Darby Conley and my flatbed scanner!

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