Broken Crown

Not my favorite poem, and not considered “finished”, though I haven’t been able to add to it the last couple times I tried. I do think the trailing off leaves the reader thinking, though, which I like.

This, too, was inspired by the name of the chapter of a book, just like Hill of Golden Dawn. This is poem #9.

Broken Crown

A Broken Crown
Rests on your head
You’re surrounded by ruins
Everyone’s dead
They followed so meekly
They trusted you, sure
You did what they asked for
Your intentions were pure
But somehow it came about
While trying your best
Your plans all fell to ruins here
All your friends laid to rest

I don’t know what happened
In these ruins you find
All your hopes came crashing down
A Broken Crown on your mind…
A Broken Crown on your mind…

Your friends they found strength in you
The work of others, not your own
Defeat’s left in the mire here
How could you have known…?
How could you have known…?

Not your design…

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2 Responses to Broken Crown

  1. Eric says:

    This wouldn’t have anything to do with your dentist visit would it?

  2. Roger says:

    Ha ha. No.

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