Gummy Bears

(RETRO MONKEY EXHIBIT: This post was on my original site…when I was posting in HTML.)

A story/song, written a stanza at a time, by emailing back and forth:

Roger: Their magic
And mystery
Are part of their history
Along with the secret
Of gummy berry juice…

Eric: Their Mystery
and magic
are often rather tragic
because of the secret
of gummy berry juice

Roger: (No! It’s not true!)
They desire
To make fire
And sell it for hire
Especially when lacking
The Gummy Berry Juice.

Eric: But the fire that they sell
doesn’t burn very well
Especially when lacking
The Gummy Berry Juice.

Roger: They spike it
With petrol
And it blows like
A fireball
Especially when adding
Some Gummy Berry juice.

Eric: The fire it blew
away all of the crew
All this because
of some Gummy Berry juice

Roger: The magic
Any mystery
Have gone up
In History
Along with the secret
Of Gummy Berry Juice

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2 Responses to Gummy Bears

  1. heheheh…ah memories.


  2. Roger says:

    Copy monkey. 🙂

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