Loot 2005

Here’s the Christmas Wish list I gave out. The things crossed off are what I received.

4 New Windows, 2 Bedroom and 2 Office, Dual Pane, Low-e, with storm windows
New front storm door
Insulation for garage
Plywood sheets to cover insulation in garage (ceiling 1st, then walls)
Snow blower

Showdown—Ted Dekker
House—Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti (April 2006)
The Final Crumpet—Ron and Janet Benrey
Dark Things—David M Humphrey Sr
Garfield Fat Cat (3 packs) 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13+
Dilbert 5, 10, 16, 17, 19+

Mark Shultz Live—A Night of Stories and Songs
By the Tree—Any
Paul Coleman Trio/Paul Coleman (any of them)
Third Day—Wire, Wherever You Are
Shaun Groves—White Flag
Phillips, Craig and Dean–Let the Worshipers Arise, Where Strength Begins, Trust
Watermark—Watermark, Constant
Audio Adrenaline–Lift, Worldwide, Until My Heart Caves In
The Normals–Coming to Life, A Place Where You Belong
WOW Worship—Red (2004)
City On a Hill—The Gathering

Urban Legends

Stone Critters
Gift Certificate to “Knead a Break” massage
2006 Tiger Calendar

These things I did not ask for, but heartily welcomed as gifts:
The Far Side 10th Anniversary Book
Bugaboo Creek gift card
Cumberland Farms gas card
Six pack of assorted jams
Fruit/Candy basket
IBC Bottle opener keychain (Score!)
Two $50 gifts
Linens N Things gift card
Gift basket with all homemade goods
Various sundries: Chapstick, toothbrush, etc.

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