In September, I took on one of the many rites of manhood that I had thus far avoided; I went white water rafting. I’m a good swimmer, who doesn’t mind a thrill ride so it’s odd that I hadn’t gone on this particular type of outing before.

The ride was fun, at least the first half. That’s where all the rapids were. My favorite part was when our rafting guide fell out of the boat and I had to jump in the water, swimming against 100 mph current while dodging rocks and the occasional whirlpool. Once I had maneuvered him to the shoreline, I lifted his right leg up and down to spit the water out of his lungs. Then I took the biggest breath of fresh air from the midst of the unspoiled forests of Maine and supplied the dying man with life-giving oxygen. At that point, he gasped for breath and tried to stand up, but I commenced beating him on the chest yelling, “it’s not your time to go; you’re too young to die!!!”

When we got back to the lodge he bought me a Twinkie.

Here’s a picture of that fateful day. Enjoy:

By the way, I’m the third one up on the right as you look at the picture. Oh, and Eric is the third on the left. 😉

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2 Responses to Rafting

  1. Yes… *shame* I am the one trying to hide from the big oncoming wave…

  2. Roger says:

    No, no, no…you’re *leaning* into it. :yes:

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