Thoughts on Blessings

Thank God for butter; Thank God for you. There, I said it. Now…moving on…

I’ve (obviously) been thinking lately about blessings, be they little or big, that God has given me. Who knew I would think so much about butter until it was a topping of one of the things I can eat after my teeth were extracted? Who knew I would suddenly feel like sincerely thanking God for those of you who read the site when I was trying to type up a post on something else? Who knows what little thing tomorrow will catch my attention and have me thanking my graceful God who is omnipresent with me, taking care of every aspect of my life?

I’ll affordable tangent: What’s up with “inviting/asking God into this place”? If God is omnipresent, not only is He already there, but He’s always been there. Maybe it’s you who should make sure you are welcome “in this place”. Maybe the One who was there first doesn’t want you around. He probably does, but at least I made my point.

Tomorrow: Thoughts on the Season?

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