Thoughts on Butter

Thank God for butter. Do you ever just do that? God is deserving of praise just because butter exists. Isn’t butter a great thing? Bread and butter. Mmmmm. And it’s OK for my post-wisdom-teeth-extraction diet. Fresh bread isn’t that crumbly. Not like toast. I’m not eating toast during this two-week period. I’m also not supposed to eat nuts, popcorn, and chips…all of which I have in the house. Bummer. Butter, however…that’s great stuff, even the unsalted butter. Did you know there were two different kinds to choose from when you go to the store? Yup, it’s true. Salted vs Unsalted. Want to know a secret? I think they both taste the same of a slice of French bread. Hope that doesn’t upset the salt manufacturers too much.


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