Thoughts on You

Thank God for butter. I need to thank God for the smaller things in my life. I’m lucky if I remember to thank Him for the big things. I often thank Him for my wife and for such an enjoyable life. I really do love life. I lead the most amazing life, and if you are reading this then you are a part of what makes my life so amazing. Thank God for you. You are an amazing blessing in my life. I hope God blesses you even half as much as He blesses me. If He does, then you’ve got it made.

That’s another thing I don’t thank God for often, if at all, and I wasn’t even thinking about you before I started typing. Wow. I will admit that you are better than butter, though, just in case you were worried that I had you on an even field of comparison. You are insanely better than butter, but don’t tell Linda Richman I said that. 😉

Man! This is the second time I’ve tried to type up some “Thoughts on the Season” and I’ve had to change my title before I published it. Maybe next time I’ll be able to get those thoughts out.

God bless.

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  1. julie says:

    *singing… i’m better than butter, i’m better than butter….*

    Merry Christmas to you, may the new year be equally blessed for you. 🙂

    Enjoy the holidays! ~julie

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