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New vs Worldly

I just thought a little too deeply on something and now I have a question. Is it just me, or does the church sometimes seem to use the word “worldly” to be synonymous with “new”? If I see a new … Continue reading

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POW–Jan 30th, 2006

Last week: 1) Harddrive upgrade–moved to this Monday. 2) Sleep–Complete. This week: 1) Install new harddrive. Reinstall programs, copy over files. 2) Catalogue my old comic books in preparation of selling them off. Then I’ll have a little spare cash … Continue reading

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Gotta Love My Buds

My friend ‘vicodin’ left me this comment: vicodin Heh. How it goes? Buy it all. ASAP. Last discount in your live (AAAAA!!!!!). Take a rest. What a guy! In one short comment the shows his humor, his interest in my … Continue reading

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POW Update

This week is so-so. On the computer front, my new harddrive arrived on Tuesday but I couldn’t install it because I didn’t have the program disks that “come” with a computer. My computer was purchased Frankensteinian from Eric. I picked … Continue reading

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Laundry Gnomes

Someone keeps shrinking my pants and stretching out the waistbands of my underclothes. I can’t say as I really appreciate it.

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Everybody Leaves

For the last two weeks Cousin Dave, my friend Mark and I had finally finagled out schedules so that we could hang out together on Monday nights. Last night this all came crashing down rather abruptly. Mark tells us that … Continue reading

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Project of the Week (POW): Jan 23, 2006

I guess I unofficially started doing Projects of the Week last week when I started tackling my disorganized garage. That has been mostly taken care of now. I just have to set the curbside recycling out on the first Tuesday … Continue reading

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No Time To Post!

I’m too busy getting things done! That may even be somewhat true… Sunday it was decided, by Krissy, that the kitchen needs to be clean every night before we go to bed. Usually I let the dishes pile up for … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done

I finally woke up early so that I could a) go to the bank, b) have my car inspected, and c) drop off my old printer and speakers at an electronics recycling drop off. How many of those things do … Continue reading

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Get A Life–Tree

An original comic

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More Haiku

Brian draws all day Comics are his specialty He inks in gravy

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It Doesn’t Take a Crystal Ball

I love it when the national radio stations do a weather forecast “sweep” during their news segments. You end up hearing things like “cold in the Northeast today” when it’s January. Well, duh. Just call me Nostradamus; look at the … Continue reading

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Those Turn Signals…

…the ones that are located on the side view mirrors…they bother me. Lights seem to be exploding all over vehicles these days. First there was the third brake light. Seriously, was that necessary? The car already has two brake lights, … Continue reading

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Together Of the ways you make me happy There’s one thing I know for sure The gifts you give are better When you’re with me sitting here There is no way of telling I don’t have the words to say … Continue reading

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In The Realm of Silly

“Ethel, there is something I need to tell you if our relationship is to continue.” “John? What is it?” “Darling, every month in the light of the full moon I go through the most hideous transformation.. For that night only … Continue reading

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