Everybody Leaves

For the last two weeks Cousin Dave, my friend Mark and I had finally finagled out schedules so that we could hang out together on Monday nights. Last night this all came crashing down rather abruptly.

Mark tells us that he finally was accepted into a government job that he applied for two years ago. This means he’ll be working in a remote location approximately two hours away. Naturally he’ll be moving there or somewhere relatively close by. This will be after he heads to the southern US for 3 months training first. Scratch one Mark off the list.

*bows head in moment of silence*

Cousin Dave shows up to tell us that he accepted a job offer back at the last store he worked in. In Lewiston. Another two hours or so away in an opposite direction as Mark. Scratch Cousin Dave off the list.

*bows head in moment of silence which ends by punching something…in my mind at least*

There go the last two of my close friends from my youth. Now it’s time for me to start working harder on relationships with my church friends; they seem to be the ones who aren’t going anywhere. God? Are you trying to tell me something?


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2 Responses to Everybody Leaves

  1. cousin dave says:

    We might not be next door… But (and I speak for Mark also) will always love ya man!. We are family! By blood or childhood friendship! Our bond is strong and unbreakable by any distance!

  2. Roger says:

    I promised myself…I would not cry…:cry:

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