No Time To Post!

I’m too busy getting things done! That may even be somewhat true…

Sunday it was decided, by Krissy, that the kitchen needs to be clean every night before we go to bed. Usually I let the dishes pile up for a few days and do them when I have a strainer load. Not anymore. I used to let the empty returnables build up until I could bring a couple of bags out to the garage. Not anymore. We suffer from insufficient kitchen space and Krissy’s sick of sharing that little space with dirty dishes and empty bottles. I guess it’s hard to argue with that.

As far as cleaning the garage (an item you’ll remember from my last post), I did break it down into steps (I also have an outline of what I’m doing each night this week, but that’s beside the point). Tonight I bagged the returnables, the #2 recyclables and the recyclable detergent bottles. Saturday morning I plan on disposing of all those bags. Next week I plan on neatening up the garage by Saturday the 28th. By Saturday the 4th I should be able to have it swept and on Tuesday the 7th I can have the cans, glass, and cardboard by the side of the road for the recycling truck. This should leave the garage looking a whole lot better until spring when it warms up and I can do some serious spring cleaning.

After Feb. 7th I think I’ll tackle my comics. I love it when a plan comes together.


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