Project of the Week (POW): Jan 23, 2006

I guess I unofficially started doing Projects of the Week last week when I started tackling my disorganized garage. That has been mostly taken care of now. I just have to set the curbside recycling out on the first Tuesday of next month. Also, the redemption center was closed last Saturday so I couldn’t return my bottles. The garage is neat, though, and very much more impressive than before I started out. It will do until Spring.

The project for this week is my computer. I’ve been having trouble while booting up recently. The master drive would fail and I’d have to restart it. Then on Friday I received a SMART warning that hard drive failure was imminent. I ordered a new hard drive from newegg and will install that when it comes in and copy my contents to the new drive. I also want to clean up my gmail inbox (there are a lot of picture attachments that I want to save to my computer). Lastly I want to upgrade my website and add a simple random quote plug-in. Simple is subjective, by the way, and probably a misnomer in my case.

Last night a new project presented itself, however, that trumps anything else I want to do. I’ve had an extremely difficult time getting to sleep for a week now. I’m talking about turning off the light by 11:30 and when 2:30 rolls around I’m still awake in bed. That is intolerable. I researched Tylenol PM and found that it was just the active ingredient of Benadryl that puts people to sleep. Benadryl doesn’t put me to sleep. So I looked up Melatonin and I think I’ll try that even though I do have allergies and it could exacerbate them. If the Melatonin doesn’t work then my last step will be to get some more sample of a prescription sleep aid (last time it was Ambien). I’ve used it before and it helped realign my sleep schedule.

Here’s to another week!

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2 Responses to Project of the Week (POW): Jan 23, 2006

  1. Melatonin has worked for me, Roger.

    Glad to see that you’re doing regular tasking. I won’t babble on that too long, or I’ll turn you into a to-do-list driven junkie. One of me is bad enough!

  2. Roger says:

    The last two Sundays I have sat down and made a rough sketch of what my week will look like task-wise. That’s why I didn’t post much last week; I was busy doing tasks.

    PS: I fell asleep within a half hour of laying down last night. Praise God for the Melatonin. And for exhaustion.

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