Those Turn Signals…

…the ones that are located on the side view mirrors…they bother me. Lights seem to be exploding all over vehicles these days. First there was the third brake light. Seriously, was that necessary? The car already has two brake lights, one on each side of the rear end. That’s in case you miss only one set on either the right or the left. We were already double covered. Then the third brake light appeared. Overkill. Unnecessary, which means uneconomic, which means I don’ t like it.

Now they have those turn signals out on your side-view mirror. I don’t like those either. First of all, I think they are unnecessary, too. You already have turn signals. One on each side of your bumper, just like brake lights. Secondly, some of them are shaped like arrows. That’s just insulting. As if a light blinking on the right side of your vehicle doesn’t tell me you’re turning right. Ooops, I thought you might be turning left! It’s a good thing the arrow pointed right! Heh…sometimes I really like sarcasm.

Turn signal on your side mirror…unnecessary, ergo uneconomic. I think it’s pretentious; however it’s not really the buyer’s choice that the manufacture put them on there so I try not to hold it against the vehicle owner. Plus I’m not petty like that. :inno:

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3 Responses to Those Turn Signals…

  1. Well, the top brake light thing is a Federal requirement.

    Frankly, more lights === more visibility. I’m all for them. Suck it up. 😉

  2. Cousin Dave says:

    Above and beyond the federal requirement for a third brake light one must consider whom is driving. Unlike Roger the “Worlds greatest driver” there are many whom are horrible drivers and need all the visual safety features known to man! Old people really need to see bigger and brighter lights to avoid such accidents.. Bad enough old people have a tendency to drive the wrong way down the interstate! Besides more technology the better for my business 😉 !

  3. Roger says:

    While I don’t trust the wisdom of the Federal government, anything that is good for Cuz’s business must be good for all!

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