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We meet every day I have so much I want to say Were I not so afraid I could tell you these things Your eyes, they envelop me I never know how much you see Had I the strength I … Continue reading

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POW–February 27, 2006

Last week Sewing: Done Floating Project–Fix game shelf: Done Wrap-Up Project–Comic List: Done This week Convert old documents saved under Arkose programs to Microsoft Word documents so I can delete Arkose from my system. It just takes up space, but … Continue reading

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I am ill and listless. I have no motivation for typing anything up. One thing I prepared earlier in the week just doesn’t seem ready to post yet. I’ll be back sometime.

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Productive Night

Krissy was doing homework on the computer all night last night. (She’s on vacation, too. What’s up with that?) Since I was left to fend for myself in the untamed wilds of my house, I actually found myself being productive: … Continue reading

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Cellulitis is such a nasty looking thing. I’ve seen the backs of people’s hands all swollen and last week I saw a kid whose finger looked like a red club. Seems like it is pretty easy to catch, too. I’ve … Continue reading

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POW–Feb. 20th, 2006

Last Week: Bathroom projects. The tube of sealant material that I was to use was dried up and useless. A new tube is on my shopping list, but this project will have to be put on the back burner until … Continue reading

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POW–February 13th, 2006

Last Week Haircut: Done! Recycling: Done! Slideshow: Well, I found where the pictures are but that’s it. This Week Bathroom Touch-Ups. This includes: A plastic triangle piece to put on the front corner of the tub near the faucet. This … Continue reading

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Miracle Mark

My dentist’s name is Mark. The office calls him Dr. Mark. He does have a last name, but I guess we’re just a tight knit community. Today I had an appointment with Dr. Mark to fix some decay under one … Continue reading

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Early Taxes

Krissy dropped our taxes off to be “done” today. They should be ready for pick up on Friday. Sweet.

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Sinus Breeding Ground

It seems I’m always battling a sinus infection. Or bronchitis. I think they like to tag-team me. I’ve been feeling run-down and that’s taken away from my productivity at home. I tried to get to bed early last night, but … Continue reading

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POW–Feb 6th, 2006

Last Week’s Results 1) Upgrade Hard drive: Maybe it will happen if I stop talking about it. 2) Organize Comics: Almost done. I have a handful left to type in. 3) Apply for higher paying jobs: I applied for two … Continue reading

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Something’s Just Not Right

I was outside today on this brisk Saturday taking my Christmas lights down and raking my lawn. In February. Now I’m no expert on weather or global warming. I didn’t check the Farmer’s Almanac or consult tea leaves. One thing … Continue reading

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Weather Obsession

Is tracking the weather a man thing? My father-in-law is always the weather expert, the security guards at work (3 men) track the weather all day, and even I’ve started a habit of checking the weather online at least once … Continue reading

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What Does That Have To Do With the Price of Ice Cream In China?

I think the price of ice cream has gone up. Has anyone else noticed that? I’m talking Super Wal*Mart’s prices being higher than the last time I went to the local grocery store. It’s very disturbing. You know if Wal*Mart’s … Continue reading

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Fantastic Four

Four jobs I’ve had: Sam’s Club, Retail (multiple positions) Scheduler at PCP office Pre-Registration Call Center Registration Supervisor Four movies I could watch over and over: The Princess Bride Monty Python and the Holy Grail So I Married An Axe … Continue reading

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