Cellulitis is such a nasty looking thing. I’ve seen the backs of people’s hands all swollen and last week I saw a kid whose finger looked like a red club. Seems like it is pretty easy to catch, too. I’ve seen it begin from something as traumatic as a cat scratch to something as simple as a pimple. It seems amazing to me that more people don’t get cellulitis. Thank God I never have. Might it remain that way.


(See it here. I couldn’t find a picture that looked as bad as some I’ve seen.)

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2 Responses to Cellulitis

  1. julie says:

    if it wernt all illegal and whatnot, i would take some pics for you… ya, it’s bad. and increadibly painful, according to anyone who has had it.

    thank goodness for ppl like me who catch it early so it doesn’t get bad. *straitens halo* 😉

  2. Roger says:

    Oh, I’ve seen my fair share, make no mistake!

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