POW–Feb 6th, 2006

Last Week’s Results
1) Upgrade Hard drive: Maybe it will happen if I stop talking about it.
2) Organize Comics: Almost done. I have a handful left to type in.
3) Apply for higher paying jobs: I applied for two last week and word on the street is that anyother one should be posted today for me to apply for.

This Week
I have a feeling this week will be a busy week. I’ll only have tonight and Thursday night free, so I’m going to make these easy.
1) Get a haircut tomorrow morning before work. (My barber’s not open on Monday).
2) Finish preparting an old vacation slide-show for my wife on Valentine’s Day. It’s been on my list of things to finish for maybe a year now.
3) Get the recycling out to the side of the road on Tuesday. Then I will have completed my pre-Spring garage cleaning.

Here’s to another week!

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