POW–February 13th, 2006

Last Week
Haircut: Done!

Recycling: Done!

Slideshow: Well, I found where the pictures are but that’s it.

This Week
Bathroom Touch-Ups. This includes:

A plastic triangle piece to put on the front corner of the tub near the faucet. This is supposed to keep water from leaking onto the floor or the wall.

Caulking around the tub liner that we had installed in…2004?

Caulking around the sink ring to prevent water from leaking under the sink since our ring is rusted in spots and I can’t find just a ring to buy anywhere.

I’d also like to fix the game shelf in my closet, which fell down, dumping all my games, when one of the holders broke this weekend. Also, if I have some spare time I’ll look back and finish up any past POW work I might have come close to completing but didn’t quite finish.

Report in one week.

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