The Little Things: Protection

Here’s how much I’ve been slacking. This happened two Thursdays ago…that would be March 2nd. I’m just now getting aorund to typing it up.

It seems that God likes to work in little ways in my life. I feel amazed that I actually realize His work sometimes. I guess it’s good that He works in little ways, since I don’t really need any help in big ways…unless He wants to give me some money to pay off my debts.

On this particular Thursday my wife was to drive and hour to Augusta to meet with her college advisor. It’s not usually too bad of a drive, just inconvenient. Only, this Thursday it was snowing. The roads were slippery.

I was at special work meetings and got out of work early. I emailed my wife from home, as she should have been back to work by the time I got home. I wanted to know if she needed anything special at the grocery store. There was no response.

I didn’t think too much of no response since her work schedule often has her driving and working all around the greater Bangor area. I went shopping the midst of the snowstorm and returned home an hour or so later. There was still no response from my wife on my email. Even if she has to drive to another office to do some work, she usually has access to her email at some point. I wondered why she hadn’t answered but figured she was getting out of work soon, so no big deal.

Six-thirty came and she still wasn’t home. She should have been home by then even considering the fact that it was still snowing. She hadn’t called or emailed to let me know she would be late. I started to worry a bit.

I went to the kitchen to look out the window where I’d be able to see if she was coming up the road. I saw nothing for a few minutes. I decided I needed to stop worrying, so I said a prayer to God asking for protection over my wife. It didn’t matter to me where she was, what was going on, or what physical state her car might be in just as long as she was unharmed. I asked my God for this favor, and then I left it in His hands. I returned to the computer to hang out online while I waited for her to come home or call.

When I sat down at the computer, my email had a message that had just arrived. Remember, I had just checked my email after putting the groceries away and before I went into the kitchen. The newly arrived message was from my wife. It was letting me know that she might be late getting out of work since she had been late getting back from Augusta. She went and returned safely. Praise God for the protection!

Oh, and she had sent the email two hours prior to it arriving in my inbox. She had been safe all along, but God had waited until I gave my trust to Him before He let me know. May I always put my trust in Him. Great and mighty is my God.

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  1. Chris says:

    Amen, brother. A neat testimony of how He worked to build your faith. May that faith continue to grow.

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