What Kind of Dragon Are You?

I am a Monkey Dragon!

In the war between good and evil, Monkey Dragons take the side closest to the bananas….

When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner monkeydragon limps drunkenly toward Chaos….

As far as magical tendancies, a Monkey Dragon’s nature allows it to hurl enchanted feces at opponents and friends alike….

During combat situations, a true Monkey Dragon prefers to defeat opponents by the use of smells and other tactics….

The inquisitive monkeydragons live in the jungles and zoos of the remote islands. The Monkey Lands shelter many lairs, with plenty of free time for picking bugs off one another’s hairy wings. No matter their age, monkeydragons tend to be the most obnoxious and unruly of dragonkind, often mocking other dragons’ lack of hair. “Hey Baldie!” is a favorite jest of the Monkey Dragon.

They love the simple challenges of standing and sitting, and often force other species to act as living chairs. They are fascinated by sitting in all its forms, eagerly looking for just causes to rub their behinds into things with their armies of monkeydragons and demichairs. Monkey hatchlings have white fur tinged with green (some sort of stain, most likely). Only a hint of brown glistens between overlapping plates. This color deepens as the dragon ages, slowly turning to a pain brown tone that overwhelms the reptilian plates as the centuries pass. Monkey Dragons have a deep and abiding love for miniature organs and those who provide them. They enjoy playing music in loud, painful groups. Dragon lords especially appreciate gifts of women named Jane Goodall, which they consider to be delicacies. Someday the Monkey Dragons hope to have a planet all their own. This Dragon's favorite elements are: Monkey, Bananas, and Leprosy.

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  1. Scoob says:

    Monkey Dragons also follow a strange over lord he wears only a loin cloth and speaks in only single word sentences. I have heard that many call him Tarzan?

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