Ex Tenebris

Out of the darkness
He sprang into place
Running from something
Pained look on his face

Out of the darkness
He slipped into view
How long had he been there?
What did he do?

Out of the gloom
Out of despair
Off of the cliff
And out into air

Out of the darkness
But not into light
What they’ve told you is true
Two wrongs don’t make it right

Out of the darkness
Did he get away,
Or has he just found
A new game to play?


This poem was written “In loving memory of Christopher Doughty”. Christopher was the brother to one of the closest friends I’ve ever had. A couple years after I graduated, Chris committed suicide in an obscure room in our high school. There are so many memories and feelings that this poem brings up, but I’m sure none of them need to be shared here.

I could have sworn I posted this before, but I couldn’t find it when searching my site. I’m posting my poems in the order they were written for the time being. This one, oddly enough, is poem #13. How fortuitous.

If this poem elicits any reaction from you, please let me know.

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