Looks To Me Like the Groundhogs Win Every Time

The interstate on-ramp by my house is circular, with a nice, lush, green hill in the middle. In this hill live groundhogs. I see them every morning on my way to work, little brown creatures on the green grass foraging for food.

The groundhogs dig their tunnels into the hill to form a comfy little den. Until the public works department comes along. Apparently the public works department thinks that the proper way to eradicate the groundhog problem is to bury the den’s entrance in dirt.

You know, the mammals that dig their dens into the ground and the sides of hills. With their claws.

Is it just me…?

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3 Responses to Looks To Me Like the Groundhogs Win Every Time

  1. Chris says:


    1. Having no useful result.


  2. Eric says:

    It’s good exercise for the groundhogs. Part of the State of Maine’s burgeoning tax package. 😛

  3. Scoob says:

    Little does the public works department know that they are only adding to space that the groundhogs can occupy and expand the numbers!!!
    Soon the groundhog invasion begins. LOOK TO THE SOILl!!!!!!!

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