It always surprises me when one of my pens runs out of ink. Sounds a little wierd, doesn’t it? I think this is because I, and I’m assuming most other people, too, end up losing my pens or giving them away before all the ink is used.

On the same line of thinking, I have a pen that my grandfather gave me for a present. It was quite a while ago, and I wouldn’t remember when he gave it to me except that he taped the date on the pen case. June 28th, 1998. I have had this pen for almost 8 years, and I don’t believe I had used it even once. Until yesterday.

I took the pen in its case to work, looking to take the pen out and put in a laser pointer pen I bought recently (I really didn’t realize I had this many pens to talk about when I started typing…I guess I have one more I should mention before I’m done, too). The laser pointer pen’s case it shoddy.

I couldn’t switch the pens in the nice pen case, though, because the pen that came with the case matches the case itself. I just couldn’t ruin that perfect pair. So instead I began thinking about the pen.

I said to my co-worker, “I’ve had this pen for almost six years and never used it because I felt that if it ran out of ink it would be useless. What do I do with this nice gift pen if it runs out of ink?” Her reply was far too mature for me: “You buy a refill ink cartridge.”

Huh. Refill ink cartridge. Ain’t that somethin’.

Also, I have a frog pen. It croaks when you press the lever.

Frog Pen


(PS: You have any cool pens?)

((PPS: Also a red LED light shines out of the frog’s mouth when you press the lever.))

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  1. Scoob says:

    I have had many cool pens and may have gotten attached to some of them to only have them break or run out of ink and not be of the refillable kind.

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