Temptation Knocks

Sometime late last week or earlier this week I was thinking about football. Probably because I’m reading a fantasy-football type book. Anyway, I tell people every once in a while that I still have 4 years of college eligibility left because I didn’t play in college. I realize that, at 30 years old, most football players my age are slowing down and retiring or at least thinking about it. I know I’ll never play anything more than a backyard game of football.

However, on Tuesday I met someone from my high school football days. It was the uncle of one of my teammates. Apparently he is some kind of local football broadcaster. He extended an invitation for me to come try it out. Whoa.
I like football, and I’ve entertained the thought before (as all young men probably have) of having some sort of sort-wave radio station where I was the DJ. What that means is I wouldn’t mind being some sort of announcer/broadcaster type person.

I call this ‘temptation’ instead of ‘sweet opportunity’ for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I realize how addicting and overwhelming football can be. Many people give up everything for the game, just like the do other sports. The game becomes the most important thing in their lives. I do not think this is health for a Christian. I do believe someone who is mature enough can reach a healthy balance, but as with so many other things in life, it can be a bad example to those who are not mature.

The second thing that holds me back is the fact that I don’t know what kind of relationship this business has with the television stations. It should be no surprise to people reading this that I am not a fan of television. There is just far too much garbage involved with it, and a lot of it rather addicting, for the entire thing to have my approval. What I don’t want if for people to say things like “Hey, I saw you on TV!” and mistakenly think that I endorse it.

So here we have something I think I would really love doing, contrasted with reasons that I shouldn’t do it. Pretty darn good reasons, in my book. Reasons consisting of setting the right example for others and also practicing what you believe in. Therefore, I’m sure I have to let this seemingly golden opportunity pass through my fingers.

Such is life.

((PN (Personal Note): Scoob, when you are ready to move back up here , give Eric Baxter a call at PAGE Employment 😉 ))

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3 Responses to Temptation Knocks

  1. Eric says:

    That sounds kind of like one of my last interviews… too much work that many would find inappropriate. Including some work for the local TV station…

  2. Scoob says:

    Oh to have glory in one’s hands and to let it go for morals!!!!

  3. Andy S. says:

    Hey, thats awesome that you were actually offered that. I don’t see why your beliefs on TV should bar you from doing something you enjoy, just because it might be televised. That doesn’t mean you’re endorsing TV.

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