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Mosquito Mountain

The State of Maine has a rugged coastline. The ocean, she is a fickle beast, one day she’s supplying your business with copious amounts of seafood wares, and the next day she’s sweeping your off your ship never to be … Continue reading

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Three Days of Work Until Vacation

That’s it! Come Friday I’ll be able to sleep in, not take a shower, not brush my teeth, and not get dressed for a whole week! This may make church service a little awkward, but, hey, that’s where the excitement … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Krissy!

On this day, the most special of occasions, I’m revoking my “not my wife’s website” attitude and will be entertaining any questions you have for/about her. To get your creative curiosity flowing, I’ll throw out some sample Q&A: Q: How … Continue reading

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Birthday Festivities

Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday. She’s also in the midst of a May term at college. This makes for a difficult celebration. In the morning I’ll cry “Happy Birthday! Let’s study Microbiology!” Somehow I don’t think she’ll be impressed. We’ll … Continue reading

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What Can I Tell You?

(Thank you Dennis Miller) It seemed to be a long work week last week, though I had Monday off. My four day work week changed to a five day week when my Saturday morning coverage called in sick. I had … Continue reading

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It’s Impossible to Follow the Last Post

Patient: Doctor, you do realize that my digestive processes have created such an amount of gas in my intestinal tract so as to cause transient pain if it is not released? Doctor: Did you just say you have to fart?

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Tragedy Unvieled

The stuff that I felt needed to be password protected still hidden in the previous post, but this is the part of that post I feel comfortable sharing at this point. Leave a comment or email me if you would … Continue reading

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Protected: Real Life Tragedy

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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‘hog Pals

For the last three mornings when I’ve gone to work, the groundhog has been at the entrance to his den. He’s just there waking up, stretching, yawing, and waving “hi” as I go by. He’s a pretty friendly guy. Don’t … Continue reading

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