Happy Birthday, Krissy!

nullOn this day, the most special of occasions, I’m revoking my “not my wife’s website” attitude and will be entertaining any questions you have for/about her. To get your creative curiosity flowing, I’ll throw out some sample Q&A:

Q: How old are you?
A: Jerk! You should know better than to ask a woman that!

Q: Do you have special plans for your big day?
A: Yes, I’ll be studying diligently so that I may pass the class I’m currently taking and be better prepared toward earning my degree and making my wonderful husband lots and lots of money.

Q: How to you stay looking so young and beautiful?
A: It’s a gift from God. I am young and beautiful, so I look young and beautiful.

Q: Are you afraid your husband will try to post another picture of you, thereby severly messing up the site’s format?
A: Absolutely. His psychologist tells me that I should let him do whatever he wants, though, so long as he’s not hurting himself or anyone else. It’s much better than when he used to just stare at shiny objects all day long and drool.

OK, folks, now it’s your turn! Ask away!

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Krissy!

  1. When he stays up too late and becomes “Dieter”, how do you fix his wagon?

  2. Allison says:

    Happy birthday! You do know that the best birthday to have is May 20th, right? 😉

  3. Cousin Dave says:

    Happy Birthday! May birthdays are the best! Only the few and priveledged MAY have these!

  4. Scoob says:

    Happy birthday!!!! From Shannon, Leah, Chloe, Owyn and Jerramy!!!!!
    Roger is just jealous of the moose!!!!!

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