Three Days of Work Until Vacation

That’s it! Come Friday I’ll be able to sleep in, not take a shower, not brush my teeth, and not get dressed for a whole week! This may make church service a little awkward, but, hey, that’s where the excitement is in life!

Where am I going? Nowhere! What am I doing? Practically nothing! Aren’t you jealous? Take out your jealously by beating me severely! It’s OK! I have all week to heal! Isn’t that a hoot?

Continue to check for updates on what I’m not doing. You’ll hate me!


(PS: Does anyone know anything fun for a couple with no money to do? I’m desperate over here.)

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7 Responses to Three Days of Work Until Vacation

  1. Cousin Dave says:

    You live in Maine! Go to Mosquito Mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Scoob says:

    First: isn’t every mountian in Maine mosquito mountain or are the ones I go to the only ones?
    Second: There is the boardwalk around the peat bog, that is fun and educational. . of course I’m used to doing things that no-money families have to do!!! Itis off of Stillwater near the Bangor/Orono town line) with all the bike/walking paths, good fun and a lot of the “unique” bog flowers should be in bloom. I shall ponder more and hopefully I drag somthing out of the great void that is my memory.

  3. Roger says:

    David: Mosquito Mtn was an option I had in mind. It may be quite busy around that area this weekend, though. You’ve reminded me that I have pictures I can post…

    Scoob: Please, dredge up some more ideas! Krissy went to the boardwalk during Biology last semester. She says we should go some time, too.

  4. Eric says:

    I have been wanting to hit the bog walk sometime soon too. I keep hearing about it…

    Hmmm… no money things. Parks are nice… or visiting family (sometimes nice, sometimes not so nice).

  5. Miranda says:

    You guys are so lame. Mountains and bogs are definitely not the first thing I thought of…

    Note to self: Don’t sit down wind of Roger next week at church.

  6. Krissy says:

    You may think you are doing nothing this coming week….but you haven’t received my honey-do list yet….

  7. Eric says:


    Give him a big list… Keep him AWAY from the computer! 😈

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