Gravyboy, Driving, and Getting Things Done

Issue 3 of GravyBoy is available for purchase today! Woohoo!

Order yours now! I don’t see a link for buying it, so that will just wisp you to their site where you can hound them until they sell you a copy or three. Be diligent; it’s worth it!

(Yes, Mark and Scoob, I’ll get yours, as always.)

Next: How come people only get pulled over for driving wrongly? You never have an officer stop you and complement you on the use of your turn signal. You’d think they might keep track of those things. They could at least record info on mini digital recorders and make note of it when they get back to the office.

“Driving down I-95 today, 30 y.o. male in red Intrepid, license plate XVGY2, exemplary use of turn signals when changing lanes.”

Then they could access this information if they ever pulled you over.

“Hmmm, driver was going a little fast, but he has two previous citations for excellent driving. I’ll just give him a warning.”

They could decide all this before even getting out of the car! :sigh: If only…

In other news, I put in my air conditioner last night. Right before a thunderstorm. Nobody ever tells me anything. At least I was nice and cool and comfortable without humidity in my bedroom!

Also, I got a haircut yesterday.

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