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I Am Unwell

Does this sound like a recurring theme? Since yesterday my body aches (feels like it’s in the bones), my head hurts, my stomach feels sick, though I haven’t been sick, and I get hot/cold flashes. Sounds viral. Stay away. Ibuprofen … Continue reading

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The Red Cross Wants You!

I had to give blood last Thursday. Wow, I’m really on the ball getting these things published. Anyway, I had to because I didn’t want to be a liar. Here’s the thing: I drive by the Red Cross every night … Continue reading

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GravyBoy Island

Though you access it via GravyBoat, GravyBoy Island is not a food-based theme park. The latest and greatest amusement park in America is actually based off a comic book. Much like the Superman and Hulk roller coasters, GravyBoy Island’s premier … Continue reading

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Can We Just Talk About This?

I feel that it’s hard nowadays to sit down and have an intelligent, non-confrontational discussion with people if you have a concern. It seems to me that many people are ready for, maybe even looking for, an argument. What ever … Continue reading

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Man, If I Let Up For Even a Minute…

When I was but a lad, my uncle had a dog named Ajax. I don’t remember much about Ajax…maybe generally that he was some kind of lab/mutt, and his name made me thing about the household cleaner that was kept … Continue reading

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Today my attention flows over the subject of saplings. Why saplings, one might ask. Good question. The thing is, I dreamed last night that I was looking at my latest post and it was about saplings. I shall make that … Continue reading

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The Storms of Life are Raging

Yesterday we had an awesome thunderstorm. The skies first became ominously gray, reflecting the drab color on all local white structures. Then the clouds rolled in, blocking the sun as if it had gone down. Distinct bolts of lightening shot … Continue reading

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Brothers, Three.

What can I tell you…? I must have somewhat of writer’s block, as Brian lamented the other day. He found a great way to work through it, apparently. Everything he does is art. I like the way Daniel has come … Continue reading

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Say, Hey It’s a Good Day

It’s payday, baby! And how will we spend our hard-earned cash? Vacation? Dining out? Romantic night on the beach? Pet hyena? No, see I have here in my hand $1,550+ worth of bills to pay…not to mention groceries to buy… … Continue reading

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Welcome, July!

July! You’re here already! I’m, ah…I’m not even dressed yet… Yes, yes, I know you were supposed to be here by now, I just thought you might decided to be ‘fashionably late’, as the kids call it nowadays. No, I … Continue reading

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