Brothers, Three.

What can I tell you…? I must have somewhat of writer’s block, as Brian lamented the other day. He found a great way to work through it, apparently. Everything he does is art.

I like the way Daniel has come clean on his site. He’s apparently baring himself down to the soul in an effort to work through a (in his opinion) screwed up life. You have to respect a guy for that.

Jeff went through a posting rampage the other day. For some reason I missed it as Sage didn’t pick up the feeds. Since I barely know what I’m talking about when I say that, I obviously don’t know how to fix it.

There. I guess my post today is about my adopted online brothers. Be sure to visit Brian’s sites, buy a comic, commission some work. Pray for Daniel as he goes through this point in his life. Pray for Jeff as he moves to Chicago.

Peace and love,

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