Can We Just Talk About This?

I feel that it’s hard nowadays to sit down and have an intelligent, non-confrontational discussion with people if you have a concern. It seems to me that many people are ready for, maybe even looking for, an argument. What ever happened to the days when you could knock on a family member’s door and say “Can we talk? I’ve noticed something that I want to bounce off you.”

Has it happened with the decline of the importance of the family unit? Does such a phenomenon exist? Do they ‘old days’ get painted to us in a picture that’s unrealistic and never happened?

Maybe families of the past weren’t perfect, just like ours. It seems, however, that they were much more communal. This may be the information age, but I think people knew more about and were more comfortable talking to their families 50 years ago. Today it is nothing for me to look up information about someone half the world away, but I can’t tell you with any certainty at all what my sister did last week. If I tried to find out and then advise in any way, would she want to hear my advice? Am I going off on a tangent?

Does anyone else notice the original point I was talking about, or am I just imagining things?

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7 Responses to Can We Just Talk About This?

  1. brian says:

    What is this “talking” you speak of?

  2. Roger says:

    Are you trying to say I should call you?

  3. *daniel says:

    Hmmm. You know, I don’t think today is any different than any other time period; some people are giant idiots.

    Maybe technology exacerbates some problems, but can you imagine trying to keep up with what your sister did if she lived in Boston and you in New York a hundred years ago?


  4. Roger says:

    Yes, but let’s instead talk about the original point. Would your (plural) family members be more inclined to listen to your concerns without arguing/getting defensive one hundred years ago than they are now? Is this a pugilistic (figuratively speaking) generation?

  5. Cousin dave says:


  6. Roger says:

    Dave…you have bad breath. There, I said it. It’s probably from that piece of spinach you’ve had stuck between your teeth for the past 5 years that I never got the nerve to point out to you.

  7. Cousin dave says:

    Naw its gotta be all the bad children I ate that didn’t say their prayers and take their vitamins!

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