GravyBoy Island

Though you access it via GravyBoat, GravyBoy Island is not a food-based theme park. The latest and greatest amusement park in America is actually based off a comic book. Much like the Superman and Hulk roller coasters, GravyBoy Island’s premier ride is based off the comic’s main character, Philbert Pharmac. Excited park-goers enter the roller coaster’s cars on the Philbert Tarmac. The cars are decorated to look like globs of gravy, two riders per glob. As Philbert exerts his control on the gravy, the ride takes off up the incline to begin its loopy up-and-down ride around a great portion of the park.

In the Cowpants Carousel, children ride in seats like the legs of a standing cow. These legs move up and down to simulate walking. While the Cowpants Carousel is spinning below, the Cowtop Swings spin above in a counter-direction.

When hunger strikes, Buckaroo Bob’s Round Up serves the best poutine around. Virtually everything on the menu can be ordered with gravy on top!

The SpitballTag Arena is a maze with sinks and paper towels every 500 feet. Just wet, wad, and throw at your friends for hours of predator/prey enjoyment!

In the center of the island is a large pen housing a single goat. We’ve no idea what the purpose for the goat is, but if you observe long enough, you will catch a glimpse of him here and there.

Scrubs is a combination barber shop and clothing outlet. They specialize in mullets and the newest line of Crocs.

The GravyTrain affords a scenic ride around the entire island, including the currently undeveloped land that will one day the Goodness League attractions. Already in the blueprint phase is The Buck bumper cars.

The comment board is open for suggestions on new rides.

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3 Responses to GravyBoy Island

  1. *daniel says:

    Every once in a while you write something that awes me with its weirdness. This is one of those times.


  2. Scoob says:

    Gravy slides anyone?

  3. Roger says:

    Awesome idea!

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