I Am Unwell

Does this sound like a recurring theme? Since yesterday my body aches (feels like it’s in the bones), my head hurts, my stomach feels sick, though I haven’t been sick, and I get hot/cold flashes.

Sounds viral. Stay away.

Ibuprofen has been taking care of the problem quite well, though. When it’s in my system, at least. I wake up rather uncomfortable in the mornings.

Need sleepy…

For Posterity:

Muscle aches/joint pain/headache
Nausea/light stomach cramps
Chills/light sweats

Tx (per Betty, RN at WIC):
Liquids (water)
Can alternate Ibuprofen/Acetaminafin for pain if desired.

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6 Responses to I Am Unwell

  1. Roger says:

    Day #2, I’m feeling no better. I did go from chilled under the blankets to sweating while uncovered in the last hour, though. Ugh.

  2. Cousin dave says:

    Best wishes in a fastidious recovery!

  3. Angi says:

    Um, Rog? It sounds like you are going through menopause. Hot flashes?? Hope you feel better! I missed you guys yesterday!!

  4. Roger says:

    Last I knew, menopause didn’t include any of the other things on my list, though. If every menopausal woman went through what I’ve been through the last 5 days, I’d assume fewer women would make it to menopause.

  5. *daniel says:

    You doing okay there, Little Bear?


  6. Roger says:

    Okay is a relative term…I suppose I’m OK. We’ll see how much as I go to work today.

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