Today my attention flows over the subject of saplings. Why saplings, one might ask. Good question. The thing is, I dreamed last night that I was looking at my latest post and it was about saplings. I shall make that dream a self-fulfilling prophecy. Then I can go around telling everyone I have prophetic dreams. It’ll be cool.


Are only trees that grow up to produce sap and syrup to be called saplings? What is the correct nomenclature for other immature trees? Treelings? Could baby treemen be called saplings? Could they have been any help during the battle of Middle Earth? Maybe they could have delivered food and water to outlying posts. Maybe they could have played host to special carrier pigeons, as long as they wouldn’t have minded beeing pooped all over. Did I just reach a new low publishing the word poop?

These are many questions to which the world may never know the answers. Unless you ask me. I’ll see what my prophetic dreams say and get back to you.

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