Say, Hey It’s a Good Day

It’s payday, baby! And how will we spend our hard-earned cash? Vacation? Dining out? Romantic night on the beach? Pet hyena? No, see I have here in my hand $1,550+ worth of bills to pay…not to mention groceries to buy…

But, I’ve got a free night to do whatever I want and a weekend coming up where I don’t have to work. Surely opportunity knocks.

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2 Responses to Say, Hey It’s a Good Day

  1. Eric says:

    You don’t have a free weekend. You can go help Krissy’s Aunt and Uncle move… and/or go to the wedding at church.

    Or come drag me away from the wedding… 😈

  2. Roger says:

    I know we have the wedding, and cleaning NECA. Help who move, now?

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