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And what became my favorite pasttime when I was on vacation? You can notice from here and from other sites I frequent that I wasn’t online very much at all during vacation. My newest hobby is to sit out back … Continue reading

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Getting More Things Done

Hey, what have we accomplished lately (with much, much help from others)? *Our ratty storm door on the front of the house was replaced. Our storm door from the back was taken because it matches the other door out front. … Continue reading

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Vacation is over.

We left on Sunday the 20th for Six Flags – New England in Springfield, MA. Monday was a blast. By the end of the day, my feet were sore and my head was burnt, but we had lots of fun … Continue reading

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Freewrite, Cont.

Over a year ago I began a story. Here’s a continuation: Gohram spied a fallen tree a bit further down the path. Holding his axe at the ready and looking around once more in fear, he approached. The tree lay … Continue reading

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I Used To Be Creative

Not too long ago, I could sit down with the merest idea in my head and begin writing a little something that, to me at least, was kind of interesting or entertaining. These days, I have so many things running … Continue reading

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Other Stuff To Do

As many internet users may tell you at one time or another, I’m spending too much time browsing around online. I’ll read blogs, message boards, and keep up with a few other sites on just about a daily basis. Well, … Continue reading

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Ready To Take On The World

OK, I’ve had almost an entire week of convalescing. I’m back and ready to take on the internet… Hey, punk. You lookin’ at me? Bring it on! Wait, wait! *cough, cough, clear my throat* There, I’m better now; let’s have … Continue reading

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